About our main service

Psalm 150 tells us that we should praise God with every musical instrument and at the end it says, ‘Let everything that has breath, PRAISE THE LORD!’

Throughout the Psalms we are encouraged to ‘sing to the Lord’ or even, ‘shout to the Lord!’ we are also told to sing a new song.

At Oasis Church we may not have the best musicians or singers, or even that many, but what we do have is family who love the Lord and who want to worship Him, who want to glorify His name, and we do make a joyful noise! We sing old and new hymns, choruses and new worship songs that glorify God and get our focus on Him and off of ourselves.

We have a strong emphasis on the word of God, and our sermons are bible based, sound and solid. We believe in preaching the whole of scripture. We are not trying to impress anyone but God, and we are not interested in scratching anyone’s ‘itch’. Having said that, our messages are encouraging, uplifting and challenging.

Why not become a part of the family, lift up holy hands, and bring a sacrifice of joyful praise to our God!

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Oasis Church Team
  • Pastor
    Ian Jackson
  • Elder
    David Burton
  • Palms Manager
  • Worship Leader