What We Believe

What we believe

Oasis Church, South Elmsall Statement of Faith.

The following are the core beliefs of Oasis Church, South Elmsall based on the foundational truths taught in the bible. All of our teaching and ministry is rooted in and flows out of these biblical truths.

What we believe about..


GOD IS. He has always existed and will always exist–
There is no other god than Yahweh and everything exists because of Him.
God created all things and He did this because He loves to create and because He loves us to bits, but it’s not about us.


Jesus is God’s only begotten Son, the second in the Trinity and He is fully God in fully human flesh.
He co-existed with God from the beginning of all things, but at just the right time He became flesh and dwelt among us – just like us in every way.
He did this so that He could fully identify with us, tempted in every way just like us, yet was without sin, and in this way, pay the price for all our sin.
His death on that cross was the price for our sins, and His resurrection three days later is the guarantee of our own eternal life in Him.
He is seated now at the right-hand of the Father awaiting the instruction from God to go and get His children, and one day soon He will return for us, to take us to be with Him.


He is the third person of the Trinity and it is through the person of the Holy Spirit that God chose to create all things.
It is only through the Holy Spirit that we can be brought to true spiritual life, or born-again, and it is His work of regeneration in us that sustains that life.
Christ lives in us and through us now by His Holy Spirit and He wants us to be filled to overflowing with His presence.
He equips the saints with gifts and we are to develop those gifts and the fruit of the Spirit within our lives. He is the one who brings conviction for our sins and leads us to all truth in Jesus.


The Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God. It is the only authority by which we can get to know all that God has done for us, and what God expects from us. It is His introduction and love letter to us.

The Holy Spirit can speak to us individually, but He will never contradict or go against the Holy Scriptures.

There are many different versions of the Bible, but they all say the

same thing, just in slightly different ways. The fundamental truths are not changed and choice comes down to preference.

At Oasis Church we recommend and use the New King James Version as it maintains and promotes the majestic poetry that other, ‘dynamic equivalence’ versions lack.

We do NOT use or recommend transliterations or paraphrase bibles, nor do we use them except in comparisons – never to study or preach from!


The church is Christ’s idea and His means of calling people to Himself.

The church is not a building of bricks or stones but is the people who are called by His Name. However, It is only in the local church that His will is found and only through the local church that His will is done. We are all meant to belong to a local church or fellowship and it is only in that context that we can be found to be submitted to His will.


The Vision

A few years ago in winter, Ian, the pastor of the church, went down to the building to do some work. It was early morning and it was pouring down with rain, so he sat in his car outside the dark and closed up building waiting for the rain to ease.

As he waited he started to pray and asked the Lord what his purpose was at Oasis. The Lord told him that he was to be God’s light in a dark place, and not just him, but everyone in Oasis Church was to be His light. 

Then the Lord gave Ian a vision of rays of light pouring out of the building which was both blinding and compelling, drawing people to the Lord.

The church is not the building, but the building God has given us must be used to the glory of God, and for the good of our community, and it needs to be open 24/7, not just for a few hours each week for Church services